We are now open at our store at 405 Cullom Street in Clinton, TN!

About Us

Welcome to My Guys Comics and Collectibles!

We are excited to offer our customers the best possible experience in buying comics and collectibles and we have some pretty neat ideas that we plan to implement into our website soon, so keep checking back with us!

A little about us...

We are three comic book and pop culture enthusiasts who are looking to improve the way you buy comics and collectibles! Our goal is to offer outstanding customer service, high quality products, and fair pricing. We know these aspects of comic buying are important to you because they're important to us! We collect comic books, too!

Bee, our Main Guy, has been a comic book collector since the mid 1980's. Bee specializes in finding rare and interesting keys and loves to go find those books "in the wild." You can visit his section, "Bee's Keys" from the main menu! The dream of My Guys Comics was originally his.

Gee is our Graded Greats Guy and our comic book historian. He has also been collecting comic books since the mid 1980's and had managed several successful comic book shops. Gee helps us keep the lights on and the shelves full! You can visit "Graded Greats" from the main menu!

JP is our Picker Guy and he loves to find a deal! He collected comics casually in the late 80's and early 90's and has recently returned to the hobby. He considers himself "A Boy's Home of Comic Books... there's a little good in every one of them!" JP likes to find all of those awesome filler books that people need to complete their collections. You can visit "Picker's Corner" from the main menu!

And now a little bit about our name, My Guys Comics: 

Bee came up with our name as a way to consolidate our three separate online stores into one. He suggested "My Guys" because all of us have been referred to, at one time or another, as someone's "Guy" to find comics and collectibles. (Looking for a first appearance of Nightwing? I got a Guy for that!)

But the name is also a literal reference to our roles as husbands to the real power behind the throne, our wives! While we're out looking for comics, tracking down keys and prepping books for grading, it is our wives who keep us organized, help set up our events, run our social media, and even design our website! We are their "Guys," and while we are the faces of the company, we are also proudly a women-owned business!